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Supporting Women's Livelihoods in Northeast Syria

As part of our USAID-funded Syria Livelihoods Program (SLP) in Northeast Syria, Proximity is creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. SLP focuses on equitable income generation and access to services for women, persons with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups, creating an inclusive enabling environment or economic recovery.

USAID has recently highlighted some of the individual success stories of the project on their USAID Syria Facebook account. These success stories are part of the 200 access to capital awards SLP is issuing to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Northeast Syria.


Story 1

“In order to be the breadwinner for myself and my family, I must work and never stop," says Montaha, 38 years old and mother of three, in Raqqa City.

Montaha is one of hundreds of job seekers with disabilities in Raqqa governorate for whom SLP has found paid work placements.

“USAID found me employment in a bakery making pastries and sweets. When I am working, I appear to myself and to others as stronger and of more value to the community.”


Story 2

Aisha, 45 years old and originally from Homs, owns a clothing retail business in Tabqa City. Like hundreds of other women with disabilities in Raqqa governorate, SLP is helping Aisha to grow her small business.

“USAID has helped me develop a business plan for an expansion,” says Aisha. “I applied for financial support to grow my business, expand my shop and improve the position of my products on the local market – receiving the financial support will really improve my psychological and financial situation.”


Story 3

“USAID supported me with a financial award to open a small sewing workshop near my house in my village. This support provided me with permanent professional stability and provides a convenient local service for women in my community. I have a lot of customers!” says Aya, 28, from rural Raqqa governorate.


About the project: SLP fosters resilience and stability in conflict-affected communities across Syria, by reviving livelihoods and restoring local economies. Low income and prevailing unemployment are principal drivers of instability in Northeast Syria, and SLP directly addresses this through job creation and increased income generation. SLP provides market-led support to entrepreneurs and MSMEs in Northeast Syria to catalyze economic growth through targeted demand driven interventions believed to be foundational for stabilizing the economy of Northeast Syria.

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