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Monitoring and Evaluation

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Monitoring & Evaluation  


Third-Party Monitoring

Proximity has experience with a broad range of TPM functions, including assistance distribution monitoring, technical inspections, fiduciary risk reporting, procurement verification, and compliance monitoring.


Summative Evaluations

We believe a good summative evaluation is a report in which none of the expressed opinions or judgments come as a surprise; instead, they flow from a series of detailed, in-depth, and open discussions led by our experts.


Theory of Change Design

Theories of Change should be grounded in detailed examinations of the problems faced in the environment – and the systems that flow through it – to account for the risks and assumptions between each step in the causal chain. To reach this point, we often deploy Proximity Flow: multi-day workshops through which we coach teams to establish strong foundations for their interventions.


Formative Evaluations

Our approach to formative evaluations focuses on 1) creating an environment in which program stakeholders feel free to share successes and learnings, and 2) collaborating to pinpoint improvements that align

with the theory of change.


Developmental Evaluations

Through our Proximity Partner approach, we offer ‘live’ evaluative support that to coach and mentor implementation teams. The approach is fully tailored to the situation. It can be provided remotely or in person, and the level of support can range from occasional to ongoing.


MEL Systems Review

Proximity’s approach to MEL System Review is based around a number of evidence-based key indicators that delimit the spectrum of cutting-edge

and high-functioning MEL systems.Our Proximity Scan audit process is design to delivery robust results that offer insights that are helpful technical and non-technical


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