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Using Data For Change

Making A Difference With Data

Proximity International undertakes self-funded research in order to give back to the communities we serve. We operate as a socially responsible business, guided by a strong humanitarian ethos that champions accountability, transparency, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and equality.  Our work amplifies the voices and builds the capacity of the communities that we serve. We also help to strengthen the humanitarian aid and development sectors by identifying gaps and redundancies, allowing for better coordination between actors.


Recent Research Spotlight: Survey of Jordanian Residents Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign 

Given high levels of vaccine reluctance in Jordan, Proximity conducted a nation-wide survey in the summer of 2021. The research aimed to better understand perceptions and behaviors around the vaccine and thereby support support efforts to increase vaccine acceptance and distribution


Past Research Spotlight: North-Western Syria 

In early 2018, Proximity International conducted a 4-month self-funded research study in order to understand the gendered ways in which women (and their families) experience and interact with the justice sector in north-western Syria.  

    Five Barriers To Justice Faced By Women in North-Western Syria

A key finding of this study was the barriers which women in north-western Syria face when accessing the justice sector. Women’s current ability, or lack of ability, to access justice institutions in 2018 is linked not only to structural bias but also to legal and economic challenges, some of which have predated the current conflict. The most significant barriers to accessing the justice sector include the following:

Court Fees

Lack of Women

in Formal Courts

Needing A Male Guardian

Cultural Stigmas

Lack of Awareness of Rights


male guardian.png

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