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Economic Recovery

Human Rights



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Thematic Expertise

Proximity has completed over 70 projects in a variety of contexts.  We have significant experience working in the world's most insecure locations.

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Mobile Data Collection & Digital Security

Proximity International utilizes the CommCare suite to allow for greater oversight and control of the data collection, entry, and transmission process. We are able to do real-time data-driven monitoring of program activities to track performance and provide feedback to program implementers.


CommCare’s platform encrypts identifying information for secure and streamlined data entry. The mobile-based data collection and online platform facilitates the seamless and transparent flow of information from the field to off-site program and analysis teams. Additionally, it has the capability to operate offline, uploading collected data once returning to a connected setting and offering options to export in various formats.



Network Management

As part of our commitment to community engagement and local job creation, Proximity International works with its own teams of trained researchers and enumerators in all areas where we work. We recruit talented men and women from local communities and train them in ethical quantitative and qualitative field research methods.

Leveraging techniques honed from years of remote management in hard-to-reach settings, Proximity utilizes a combination of technology-enabled solutions, online curricula delivered through our Amman-based Distance Learning Center and rigorous data quality assurance (DQA) practices to empower local people to collect timely and high-quality evidence for humanitarian and development purposes.